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Service Hub & Service Plans

Have a technology issue that needs some troubleshooting? Need some maintenance on your existing technology? Have technology that no-one knows how to use?  No Problem. One of our four Service Hub Humans promise to troubleshoot, so you don’t have to worry about the details.

Our Service Hub contains no robots, just great Humans, and it’s not a mythical land in the cloud, just a world class space outfitted with robust technology in a cozy spot within our showroom. Good things do exist in reality, and we are living proof.

We’ve got people, but we’ve also got plans. Check out our Service Hub Care Packages below to see our offerings that can provide you peace-of-mind, or contact us to understand the Time & Materials option. There is a little something for everyone and every business. 


Meet the faces behind the voice and the solutions.  They are a mix of problem solvers and technology enthusiasts who take take their work seriously and are probably some of the nicest people you’ve ever met.

Have issues unrelated to technology? They’re happy to help you track down the right team or answers you need, so you can get back to the details that keep your business on track. 




Our team is at your call, we have you covered on both service and equipment, so that you can focus on the bigger things in business.

People are hard on equipment, but this package is good to them. This covers the parts and pieces that need fixing when broken.

Phone support and tech visits only when you need it. You choose your Flex Care allotment, because you know best!


On-site and remote services provided by experienced staff including technology engineers, field technicians and expert support for all of our markets.

We help out, it’s what we do. Our engineers and technicians have a passion for diagnostics, which means that they are proficient in many systems, even if the were designed by others.

Everyone should be empowered to use their technology well. We provide on-site training and custom manuals that ensure you are utilizing all  of the conveniences of your system.

Managed Service Plans

Technology can be fickle. Maintaining your investment is worth a lot. We offer managed service plans that remove the hassle of day-to-day software updates, paperwork and scheduling. An inclusive plan with our service team makes them more accessible for every day support.

  • Unlimited Service Hub calls
  • Unlimited Service Field calls
  • Free/Discounted Part Replacement
  • Training Sessions & Manuals
  • Preventative Maintenance Visits
    • (with Firmare updates)
  • Monthly Reporting
  • VC Care