We Make Things Simple For You

With strategic partners in both furnishings and technology we make it our business to share our resources and create a more holistic experience for our clients, our vendors and our employees. Because of our commitment to solid processes, we excel at exploration, development and implementation, with a few extra bonus services because we like to set the bar for excellence.


When it comes to details, every workplace is a unique reflection of activities and culture. Our furnishings and technology experts focus on the questions and observations that will help tailor solutions to your improved workplace. Furthermore, we take the time to site verify, sketch concepts and provide insights that will best prepare a project for success.

We assemble a team of talented people that are genuine in every effort of the project. The team takes the time to realize better solutions, select products and finishes, draft architectural documents, fine tune the details, quality check, program software and prepare for the implementation phase.

Our project management team, warehouse team and installation crew conduct a practically orchestral arrangement of logistics. This phase is nothing short of details as we align product needs, delivery schedules, installation plans and punch list items. Best of all, we continue our services even when the installation is complete. Our Service Hub is available for questions, troubleshooting and field solutions, so that you can feel connected at all times.

Services in Detail

With in-house experts in both space planning and technology design, we have the capabilities to partner with you the moment you decide to start your project.

  • Culture Assessments
  • Message Development
  • Vision Communication
  • Process Guidance
  • Relocation Schedules
  • Asset Recycle/Upcycle
  • Post Move Follow-Up
  • Discovery Sessions
  • Design Firm Collaboration
  • Site Verification
  • Space Planning
  • Insightful Furnishing Solutions
  • 3D Rendering
  • RFP Development
  • Architectural Documents
  • User Interface Design
  • Quality Review
  • CC Implementation
  • Track Shipments
  • Coordinate Installation
  • Quality Inspections
  • Punch List Review
  • Receive & Inspect Product
  • Coordinate Delivery
  • Installation
  • Technology Trials
  • Punch List Resolution
  • Site Clean Up
  • User Demonstrations
  • Post Move Follow-Up
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Technology Field Services
  • Minor Furniture Repairs
  • Technology Parts Replacement

Customer Connect Program (CC)

Six points of human contact, beginning the moment your product orders are processed.

  • 1 | Your iSpace Project Coordinator will contact you the day your product order is processed.

  • 2 | Approximately three days after placing your order an installation date is estimated.

  • 3 | Five days before the expected installation date we will share a status with you and confirm that the delivery dates align with your schedule.

  • 4 | One day before the delivery your team selects a delivery time.

  • 5 | The day after your installation your iSpace Project Coordinator will contact you to discuss punch list items and resolutions.

  • 6 | We learn from your experience and feedback, which is why we encourage you to share your thoughts with us through a short email survey.