Spotted – Highmark InTouch at CoCo Minneapolis

A little bird (actually, one of our project managers) mentioned that our friends at CoCo Minneapolis were going to be receiving a shipment of task chairs recently ordered from iSpace. So, we hopped, skipped and jumped puddles across downtown Minneapolis to see how they looked and “sat.” WOW. The Highmark InTouch chairs in CoCo’s downtown space (in the old Minneapolis Grain Exchange) look amazing – and feel great in action. As Highmark puts it, these chairs “provide superior comfort and support under the guise of coolness.” We agree. They are perfect for this incredible space. If you haven’t ever heard of or been to CoCo you should. Their website says it well:

CoCo® is a place where independent workers, small businesses and corporate work groups can gather to share ideas, team up on projects and get some work done. We’re a business center that gives you an alternative to working from home or meeting at the local coffee shop.

CoCo is a Twin Cities-developed, membership-based collection of co-working spaces where entrepreneurs share open-plan work spaces, meeting rooms, ideas, coffee makers, WiFi and some prime real estate in downtown Minneapolis, Uptown and Lowertown Saint Paul. Memberships run from the Uno (one day per week) plan, on up to the Ubero which allows for 24/7 access. Dedicated (incredibly affordable) campsites are available for businesses seeking just a touch more space.

Plus, beyond the shared physical space and amenities, “CoCoNuts” share a common entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit. CoCo is regular host of business strategy and networking sessions; start-up funding presentations and critiques; and has a robust internal job referral board. All this, plus CoCoNuts throw a great after-work “beer & chat” – often the spark where great ideas are born.

To learn more about CoCo, visit their website – or sign up for a tour. iSpace is proud to “support” the efforts of the entrepreneurs of CoCo. We look forward to sharing more news from the CoCo Universe. If the Highmark InTouch chair has caught your eye, be in touch and have a seat at our Glenwood showroom.