Takeaways from DesignDays and NeoCon 2023

Award-Winning and Impactful Solutions

DesignDays and NeoCon 2023 didn’t disappoint! iSpace Environments sent 10 of our experts to Chicago to gather ideas and test products, firsthand. The goal: to stay up-to-date and help our clients deliver the most impactful experiences for their people. Altogether, our aligned partners won over 80 awards! There is a lot to be proud of and so many highlights.

Here are some of our favorites and themes we saw…


Connections to Nature

Luum Super Natural Textiles

The collection features textiles inspired by nature and made with natural, renewable, domestic, recycled, biodegradable, and circular fiber systems.

Metropolis Likes “Leaving Less to the Landfills”

Impact Acoustics

Impact Acoustics’ Archisonic Cotton recyclable acoustic surfacing took home a Metropolis Likes award.

Metropolis Likes “Leaving Less to the Landfills”

Watson Space Divider and Waste System

Who ever said trash cans have to be boring?
These mobile and practical solutions accentuate items that will have direct applications to a variety of spaces.

NAAVA Wall Plant Systems

Naava Wall Plant Systems are not only beautiful, their carbon biofilters help purify the air. Research has proven these systems increase happiness and decrease stress.

Fellowes Air Filtration Systems

Air filtration systems have direct applications to the auto world and beyond in creating a more comfortable and cleaner environment. 

Escape Spaces

Global Softpod

Used for desking, lounge seating, or any other application you can think of, these honeycomb-like structures provide privacy and clear division of space.

Arcadia Lineup Meeting Space

A cozy cabana for the workplace.

Teknion Seating

Teknion had an entire zone dedicated to collaboration fatigue and refuge in their Chicago Showroom. These chairs gave quiet spaces to adjust to the activity, volume and pace of an active collaborative space.

Teknion Libelle

Settle into this extraordinary, relaxed seat with articulated privacy for fewer interruptions.

Teknion Fractals

Increased privacy and worksurface with room for more than just the essentials; this is a space that can support a longer stay, and more complex work requirements.

Teknion Banqs™

Designed to look and feel like residential seating; built to perform like a commercial product. The perfect way to escape collaboration and do some heads down work or relaxing.

In Case You Missed It…

Our friends at Teknion have a great overview of their showroom offerings seen at DesignDays. Visit teknion.com/designdays/ to have another look.

Curves Providing Softness

Darran Nomi Chair

The Nomi collection is inherently agile and mobile with a sense of purpose, determination, and simplicity.

Darran Dove Lounge

The Dove Collection is soft, inviting, and designed to merge natural, built, and recycled materials. Walnut and Ash hardwood frames support and cradle thermoformed recycled PET shells ergonomically designed to accept the human form.

NeoCon Silver – Furniture – Lounge Furniture Collections
NeoCon Innovation – Furniture – Lounge Furniture Collections

Hightower Flote

An interesting way to incorporate curves and softness to a space. This chair speaks for itself and took home NeoCon’s sought-after Best of Competition Award.

NeoCon Best of Competition
NeoCon Gold – Furniture – Lounge Furniture Collections
Metropolis Likes – Softening Spaces
HiP Finalist – Workplace: Lounge Seating

Davis Seba Chair

Softness in texture and form. We saw this in both lounge and conference applications. And with casters built into the base, this elegant chair was easy to move around in.

NeoCon Silver – Furniture – Seating: Guest
HiP Winner – Workplace: Lounge Seating


Beautiful aesthetics and technical mastery for the hybrid meetings.

NeoCon Gold – Furniture – Conference Room Furniture
NeoCon Silver – Technology – Integrated Solutions
HiP Winner – Workplace: Desking

Humanscale eFloat Home Table

Bringing warmth, comfort, and character to workspaces, eFloat Home is a wooden, electric sit/stand desk with beautiful, curved legs. It includes integrated cable management and features the same smooth, near silent adjustment and ease of use available in all Humanscale sit/stand desks.

Collaboration Stations

Senator CoLab

A modular furniture system that empowers shared learning and collaboration.

NeoCon Best of Competition Finalist
NeoCon Silver – Furniture – Collections for Collaboration
NeoCon Gold – Furniture – Education Solutions
HiP Winner – Education/ Government/ Institutional: Furniture & Seating

SitOnIt HiQ Boundary Screen Media Wall

A smart huddle tech add-on for the HiP Award Finalist HiQ height adjustable workstation system.

HiP Finalist – Workplace: Furniture Systems

Watson Tonic Worktable

A versatile foundation for evolving workspaces and invites individuals and teams to engage with their environment on their terms.

NeoCon Silver – Furniture – Tables: Communal
HiP Winner – Workplace: Furniture Systems

Teknion Expansion Casegoods Peninsula

A sneak peek at height-adjustable collaboration with a beautiful, curved surface. Launching in January 2024!

Enwork Cayman

This cantilevered worksurface is sure to impress, and others agreed because it took home a NeoCon gold award.

NeoCon Gold – Furniture – Furniture Systems
HiP Finalist – Workplace: Furniture Systems

Serpentine Modular Seating

Keilhauer Symm

We loved this modular lounge seating and how clean the design looked in the space. With a thinner width, we could see this in many different environments.

HiP Finalist – Workplace: Sofas

OFS Gather

This unique system allows for 2 levels of seating. We didn’t see anything else quite like it and were surprised at how comfortable it was.

HiP Finalist – Workplace: Modular Seating

SitOnIt Paséa

Sticking with the theme of curves, this modular system brought texture and brightness to the showroom. One piece of furniture provided division of space and multiple zones for people to meet.

This only begins to scratch the surface of all we saw at DesignDays and Neocon. These and other new releases continue to add to the amazing solutions iSpace Environments can provide.

Come visit us and see how we can take your space to the next level. Contact Teri Pierce to schedule a tour.