Teknion Launches SIMPLE Ordering

Teknion Launches SIMPLE: a new, simplified approach to ordering workstations; focused on value & speed to shipment.

Realizing the 6 most popular workstation layouts while still providing options on division height, storage components and finishes, Teknion has created a collection of stations that can be specified easily and is available for quick ship through a 6-step selection process.

Step 1

Start with a 6’ x 6’ workstation

This is a common size and is successful on many floorplates

Step 2

Organize into Clusters

4, 6 or 8 seats with various orientation and layout styles

Step 3

Choose Division Height

42″ or 51″ high allows for a collaboration environment or seated height privacy between users

Step 4

Select Fixed or Height Adjustable Base

Meet ergonomic and flexibility needs

Step 5

Select Integrated Storage

File, cabinetry & locker options

Step 6

Select Finish

Three standardized finish palettes available

Though seemingly limited, the combinations provided will fit many customer needs while also meeting tight timelines & budget requirements.

Contact the team at iSpace to learn more about SIMPLE from Teknion.