Teknion Universal Screens Provide Separation in Open Environments

Refreshing Workplaces to Return to Work

As the return-to-work effort continues, we have been helping customers determine their workplace needs to ensure the health, safety, and comfort of their employees. From reorientations that require little to no new product, to reconfigurations allowing for separation, to totally new product solutions: each situation is unique and specialized.

The most popular product solutions that provides separation without total reconfigure or reorientation, is the Universal Screen package from Teknion. Featuring both worksurface-mounted screens and footed, freestanding screens, they are available in laminate, veneer, and glass. They easily and quickly adapt an open, benching solution to 51” or 57” high individual user spaces.

Installed by your team or ours, they cause no damage to worksurfaces or flooring.

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