The Art of Big Installs

A Team Effort

The iSpace Furniture team provides a comprehensive range of project management and installation services that help to ensure that your investment arrives safely, on-time and on-budget–no matter the scope of the work. For larger projects, successfully orchestrating an install of hundreds of work stations and offices per floor, on multiple floors, requires strong partnership and keen communication between manufacturers, designers, project managers, installers and the customer.

An Office Install Done Right

With a collective experience and knowledge base that can easily handle the tight timelines and chaotic conditions common in large office renovations and new build-outs, iSpace installation teams scale to meet your project’s needs and are the ultimate team players on the work site. Truckload-by-truckload, and floor-by-floor, our installers have a knack for scheduling and an attention to detail that converts expansive, empty floor plans to functional work spaces in just days.

One of our recent projects with our friends at Polaris Industries really allowed our installation team to shine. Enjoy.




Interested in Learning More?

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