Three Environments for the Hybrid Worker

Support the Hybrid Workforce by Understanding What They Have Missed and then Provide Environments Where They Can Thrive.

The challenges we have faced in the last year are, of course, shifting again. The vaccine roll-out is presenting some great possibilities for reuniting your team and resuming an in-office presence. The new challenge is how to support employee’s growing desire for hybrid-work styles. According to a GlassDoor survey, nearly 75% of adults are eager to return to the office… but the reason behind that may not be what you think. What do workers miss most? – OTHER PEOPLE.

As humans, we are not meant to live an isolated life. Though many people claim to ‘recharge’ when alone or in a quiet place, humans thrive on connections, the sharing of ideas, comradery, and serendipitous moments. The workplace is still the perfect place to support this necessary connection. When teams unite with a common purpose, shared challenges, and a desire for positive outcome, they feel supported. Now is the time to evaluate your office environment and make sure you provide the THREE ENVIRONMENTS FOR THE HYBRID WORKER.

A Short-term Touchdown Environment

The hybrid worker may seek a hospitality environment where they can touch down, charge up, and focus. Like the idea of working NEAR others in a coffee shop, consider providing that environment within your space. A successful work environment like this will still block out some visual and audible distraction while providing an organic feel. Teknion Fractals Nook stretches the concept of “workstation” to support this type of hybrid work style.

Nook allows for a unique but elegant study carrel approach for heads-down desk work. The design flawlessly incorporates the familiar, 54” high, curved barrier to provide some visual and audible privacy as seen on the original Fractal lounge pieces. The work surface is about 40”w x 24”d, and an outlet can be specified at desktop to support the technology tools of the hybrid worker.

Dedicated Environments for Small Group Collaboration

Let’s face it, people are ZOOMFATIGUED. They’ve have made the best of communicating over digital platforms but are anxious to get back to the office, reconnect and begin brainstorming great ideas face to face. Small group collaboration space will be in high demand for the hybrid work teams as they make plans to meet back at the office. The new Tek Room POD from Teknion–part of their “POD” (Privacy on Demand) family of products–provides a space where people want to work and where they feel comfortable and connected.

Designed to support the need for small group privacy within the open office environment, Tek Room is powered to provide dimmable lighting, ventilation, and technology connectivity–all triggered by an occupancy sensor. The Tek Room meets ADA clearance and threshold requirements and can be fitted with fire suppression systems if local code requires. With both preconfigured models and custom design options, Tek Room can provide a soft seating lounge space, shared or conference-style work surface, or a single sided desk arrangement–perfect for small teams looking for a private, efficient, and comfortable workspace.

Environments that Foster Social & Casual Engagement

Show you team that you support their need to connect by providing ample community, café and lounge spaces. Be comfortable with people working and socializing in spaces previously known for ‘break time’. To a hybrid worker these amenities will feel reminiscent of their home office environment. Moving from desk to sofa to bar stool became a survival mechanism for those who needed variety and flexibility in their workday. The new North 56 Collection from Teknion supports this variety in posture and aesthetic.

Engaging the talents of diverse designers, the North 56 Collection highlights the craft, beauty and warmth of wood while celebrating a residential aesthetic. The collection is finely suited to contemporary workplace amenity spaces.

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