Wall of Secret Sound – Sonance Invisible Series


Wall of Secret Sound

Sonance is an award-winning maker of audio components providing an immense amount of aesthetic flexibility for commercial integrations. Their in-wall and in-ceiling speaker collection includes myriad grill options and diminutive/low-profile design options that can be built into the most discerning environments.

But, for a truly minimalist approach to room audio… when even the discrete grills of in-wall, or in-ceiling speakers are still just a touch too intrusive, there’s the Invisible Series by Sonance, which asks us “do room speakers need to be seen, at all?” The answer is “no.”

With a depth of as little as 2″, Invisible Series speakers are fully concealed within walls or ceilings for totally invisible results. Their thin-form design and unique edge flange allows for them to be installed directly within 16″ wall framing openings and then completely covered with up to 1/8″ of lightweight, flexible material including finishing compound and paint, Venetian plaster, wallpaper, wood veneer or wall upholstery.

Four models across two sizes with various speaker configurations are available – including a woofer-only model – allowing for strategic in-room placement. Optional galvanized steel enclosures are also available that provide both sound containment when used in shared walls, and increased bass definition & clarity.

To simplify the installation process, Sonance also offers Space Savers for the Invisible Series which are reusable units designed to be installed in new construction to reserve locations for the speakers during the early stages of construction. The Space Saver is removed and replaced by the speaker when the space and system are ready.

State-of-the-art design and construction ensure Sonance Invisible Series speakers reproduce the full range of frequencies, including crystal clear treble, natural midrange and deep, smooth base response – all with best-in-class 170 degree of sound dispersion, meaning even volume levels and better sound quality throughout the entire space.

If a space demands minimalist aesthetic the Invisible Series provides design options, not distractions.