Watson Furniture’s C9 Line- Leveling Up

Work is always in transition. Today, focus and privacy. Later today connection and collaboration.

While the open plan continues to evolve, we find manufacturers like WATSON are ahead of the game. They see workstation planning as a fluid motion, never stalling, never stagnant. Their C9 line demonstrates this by allowing people to work more organically and under their own control. While providing the privacy and collaboration tools anyone might need, the C9 demonstrates a cool European aesthetic everyone can appreciate.

The Watson C9 line is made up of their beautifully-minimal, height-adjustable C9 Desk; the bendy C9 Rail–which delivers power to workstations and allows C9 systems to be shaped in non-linear configurations; C9 Storage–mobile storage carts with a “garage;” plus a collection of accessories that add function, enhance privacy and add collaborative and green spaces into the mix.

See the full offering at https://www.watsonfurniture.com/products/c9