Welcome Your Teams Back to the Office

Organizations are learning and adjusting to the new world of work.

Over the course of the pandemic, some have realized that working from home and hybrid schedules have actually increased productivity and job satisfaction. Others have seen their teams suffer through remote work arrangements and have realized that they really do need to be back in the office where they can collaborate face-to-face. Whether your aim is getting your teams excited to visit the office on-the-regular again, or simply making your spaces more hospitable for all types of work styles, some flexibility in space allocation, and enhancement of surroundings and amenities might be in order. Here are some strategies that might help your workplace better compete for your workers’ attention.

“…we are looking forward to learning as we go and adjusting where we need to, all in service of fostering a really collaborative and flexible approach to our work together.”

Tim Cook, Apple Inc.
on their plan to return to the office

Serve Up Cafe-Like Spaces Beyond the Break Room

Co-working spaces and coffee shops have known for years that an assortment of cafe style tables, chairs, banquettes and bar-height work surfaces can create spaces perfect for solo touchdown work and ad hoc meetings. Sprinkle these in transition spaces and adjust finishes to match your aesthetic…from spartan to chic and fun.

Bring the Home to the Office

If work-life balance is a priority, nothing says “home” like sectional sofas and soft lounge seating. Create comfy nooks and living rooms adjacent to work stations where occasional workers can feel comfortable and collaboration sessions can happen on-the-fly.

Provide Flexibility for the Hot Desker

If your plan involves hot desking (free address workstations that can be reserved by hybrid staff or contractors), make sure your solutions provide ample storage space and can accommodate all types of workers and their devices.

This is just a sampling of some options to spur your creativity! Want to learn more? Email Dan White, our Director of Sales.