What is REAL Power in Business?

Insights on Team-Building with our Aaron Eggert, Honoree in The (Real) Power 50 of 2014 by Minnesota Business Magazine

Aaron Eggert, President of both iSpace Furniture and MSpace, our workplace technology-focused sister company, was recently honored by Minnesota Business Magazine in their (Real) Power 50 of 2014 which recognizes “the best people to know when conducting business in the state of Minnesota.”
Eggert is quick to mention that while he is very proud and honored to be recognized by Minnesota Business Magazine, and says he has met some great co-honorees and community leaders in the process, this award really isn’t about him at all. The award is all about the teams he has worked with that have helped make him and his companies successful. To Eggert, REAL power in an organization is all about team-building and creating a workplace that allows teams and individual talents to flourish.

“It’s ALL about the people and the team,” says Eggert. “I love watching other people succeed in business.”

This team mentality has served Eggert well. Earlier in his career, as Director and then Vice President with S&T Office Products, Eggert guided teams that developed and executed sales strategies that consistently exceeded goals. In his current role with iSpace and MSpace Eggert again leads the sales teams, but has also helped guide the two companies through a relocation (MSpace moved in with iSpace in December), and has been coaching his teams through brand-refining exercises to more succinctly articulate the visions, missions and core values of both companies, which—no surprise—center on customer experience.

“Our teams strive to create the best possible customer experience. That’s how we succeed. A big part of that is being positive and fostering creativity in the work place,” says Eggert. That creativity in the work place has been paying dividends. The co-working iSpace and MSpace teams develop inter-company initiatives and outreach projects that build camaraderie and goodwill with the community, and have been crafting products and service offerings that play to each company’s strengths.

Jason Kaping, President of marketing and technology KBS, said it well when quoted by Minnesota Business: “Aaron’s personality conveys trust, his actions reinforce his creativity, and his ideas inspire.” We agree.

Eggert’s team-building skills extend beyond the work place. As an active member of the Board of Directors of Minneapolis HOPE Dollars for Scholars, he helps guide a grassroots non-profit which aids underprivileged students in their pursuit of post-secondary education—and works directly with scholarship recipients as a mentor.

We’re, obviously, very proud of Aaron. And, we can’t promise him this will be the last time he is recognized for his leadership. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to meet he welcomes the opportunity. While he is quick to reflect his success on his co-workers, we know you will find his “power” infectious. Click here to send Aaron an email.