Yealink Videoconferencing Systems for Zoom and Microsoft Teams

One of the earliest Microsoft Teams and Zoom partners, Yealink has been building momentum with a portfolio of innovative, fully certified, yet budget-conscious systems supporting Teams and Zoom video connectivity across all types of meeting spaces. From small huddle rooms to extra large meeting spaces, Yealink’s well-supported systems are smartly designed for easy set-up, intuitive operation, and outstanding audio and video performance. If you’re not familiar with Yealink, consider this your introduction!

Yealink video conferencing systems are fully Zoom and Microsoft Teams certified.

Solutions for All Sizes

Yealink videoconferencing systems are available in a variety of bundles or can be custom designed to fit space requirements. Here are a few examples of typical solutions. Note that Microsoft Teams and Zoom systems may require specific components for optimal performance. Talk with an iSpace representative for smart recommendations for your space.

Huddle Spaces

Yealink’s A20 MeetingBar contains all of the technology needed to enable Zoom or Microsoft Teams calls in your small room or huddle space. Combine the MeetingBar with MTouch II Touch Panel for easy control at your meeting table.

Small to Medium Sized Rooms

The MVC 320 Bundle for Teams Rooms includes the MCore mini-PC, UVC30 4K camera, MSpeech speakerphone and touch panel. The PC can be mounted on a wall, under-table or in a credenza. The MSpeech Speakerphone has up to 20 ft range and echo cancellation technologies.

Large to Extra Large Spaces

Yealink ZVC840 (for Zoom) and MV860 (for Teams) combine the MCore Mini-PC and MTouch II Touch Panel with 4K dual-eye tracking PTZ cameras plus an assortment of display, tabletop or ceiling mounted speakers and microphone options. Connect the Yealink Camera Hub to use multiple cameras covering extra-large spaces.

Built-In Smart

One Cable Simplified Deployment

In some Yealink room systems, just one CAT5e cable connects the TV area to the conference table, simplifying the deployment process.

Premium Audio & Video

Yealink provides users with excellent video and audio via AI-powered cameras, dual and mtulei-camera systems,  AI speakerphones and tracking, beamforming microphone options with noise cancellation technologies.

Wireless Content Sharing

Yealink video solutions provide either wireless and wired device sharing options. The Yealink WPP20 plugs into laptops and is activated with with a touch to provide wireless sharing.

Device Management Platform

Thanks to supporting by Yealink Device Management Platform/-Cloud Service, users can remotely manage, monitor, configure, update and diagnose all Yealink audio and video devices and peripherals on the platform.

Complete Solutions

Yealink offers a host of peripherals and other smart solutions to help complete your meeting workflow.

Room Schedulers

Zoom and Microsoft Teams enabled RoomPanels are versatile touchscreens designed to be mounted outside your meeting space with one tap space reservation and at-a-glance availability information. Integrate with Office 365, Exchange and Google Calendar for easy remote scheduling.

Wireless Sharing

Yealink’s WPP20 allows for one-click, trouble-free BYOD sharing. It connects to Yealink’s 5GHz 802.11ac Wi-Fi network without need for a router. Simply plug the WPP20 into a laptop via USB and click to start sharing content.

Want to learn more about Yealink products? Email Nathan Pesch, our Technology Director of Sales