A Mic in Your Pocket – biamp Crowd Mics


Download the App and You’ve Got a Mic and Polling Device In Your Smartphone

You’ve been to a town hall, training or auditorium event where time is reserved for a Q&A session. Sometimes there is a handheld mic that gets passed around the room – sometimes not. Sometimes there’s a mic on a stand and attendees get in line. Questions can be difficult for both the audience and the speaker to hear. The situation is sometimes orchestrated well, sometimes not-so-well.

In Q&A sessions, what if everyone had their own mic? It’s not feasible, right? Wrong. You already have a mic in your pocket? It’s your smartphone.

The Crowd Mic system from biamp is a clever and expandable solution for group Q&A situations that utilizes a downloadable smartphone app and a small device, called an ATOM that connects to the room AV system to allow each connected smartphone to act as a microphone.

Simple for Attendees

The process for the attendee is incredibly simple:

  1. Download the free attendee app

  2. Connect to the event wifi network

  3. Join the event using a unique event code

Just like that…smartphones are enabled to be the handheld mic that is often missing at group events. The attendee can indicate via the app that they have a question and join the “virtual cue” instead of lining up at the mic. If they’d prefer to not voice their question, they can also text their question to the moderator.

Moderator Control

The event moderator is able to see the number of questions in the cue; enables the appropriate mic when its their turn; and can disable attendee mics at-will should there be need to do so.

Live Polling

An added feature of the system is for live polling. Ask your attendees questions and collect their responses. Answers can be displayed in realtime on the display in the room, or collected as feedback for event planners or other insights.

This video from biamp gives a quick rundown of how it works: