Biamp Crowd Mics – No Sweat Event Microphone Solution

Since the days of Sally Jessy Raphael & Phil Donahue, connecting with the crowd (or audience) for questions or comments resulted in a sweaty stair climb, shuffling through skinny rows of seats (bum in faces, crunching on toes below) and quickly handing the mic to someone so silence (or dead air) didn’t slow the excitement.

In the corporate world, the act is only slightly different. Instead of Silver Fox Phil leaping stairs 2 x 2, it is often the intern or executive assistant who has just realized the soles of their new shoes are unbearably slippery, climbing the stairs of a corporate auditorium to hand off a sticky microphone to a staff member with a question. It is a shock we have let this unnecessary act of public athleticism continue this long!

Take a seat you smooth-footed intern. Enter stage left: Biamp Systems Crowd Mics.

Crowd Mics, though likely not created to reduce the number of steps the intern will bank during the all-company meeting, will do just that, and a lot more. It turns each of our smartphones into tools to engage and interact with the moderator and the audience

Users (audience members) simply connect to the wi-fi, download the app, sign into the meeting and with a quick click of a button, their phone turns into the microphone. Audio access is controlled by the moderator. Once ‘called on’, that user is free to speak at a natural volume and be heard by the entire group. No more waiting for Sally to show up with the microphone or shouting to the front of the room.

Are you too embarrassed to verbally stand out in the crowd? Crowd Mics include an option where questions/comments can be submitted via text to the moderator for them to read aloud. And meeting organizers can run voting poles or messages to engage the audience and display real-time data and results.

All this, along with the newer desire to keep things contact-free, Biamp Systems Crowd Mics solves yesterday’s, today’s, and tomorrow’s problems.

Take a deeper dive in this post we put together when we first saw Crowd Mics at InfoComm.

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