iSpace Environments Climb & Slide Fundraiser for Feeding Our Community Partners

iSpace Environments Embraces the Minnesota Winter to RAISE funds to REDUCE hunger.

Here in Minnesota, we welcome winter weather in shocking ways. When the snowfall is that wet, sticky snow, we don’t complain; we bundle up and head outside to make snowmen and snow forts or initiate a good, old fashioned, school yard snowball fight with the neighbors. When the temps drop below zero we are grateful for the sunshining in the window warming our skin, creating the perfect environment for a Saturday afternoon nap. As that fresh powder hits the hills, we layer up and head to the slopes or cross country trail to warm our bodies from the inside out. And perhaps the most shocking of all, we adorn ourselves with matching t-shirts and jump off docks into the frozen Minnesota lakes. In 2020, the iSpace Environments team supported Special Olympics by doing just that – we did the POLAR PLUNGE. Our company banded together, raised over $19,000 and then courageously leapt into Bde Maka Ska. But in 2021, we needed to switch it up a bit!

This year, we are embracing the frozen MN tundra again. We have partnered with FEEDING OUR COMMUNITY PARTNERS (FOCP) for their annual fundraising event. FOCP provides food packages to children in nearly 30 elementary/middle schools in the Mankato area. Working hard to reduce hunger in school children, they have seen the complications of covid19 create many more hungry tummies.
It is estimated that over $240,696,000 per year is needed to meet food shortages for the hungry.
39% of elementary students in Mankato Area Public Schools benefit from free/reduced meal programs.
Just $30 pays for a students meals for 1 whole month.

And That is Where We Come in…

iSpace Environments has created our own event to help fundraise for FOCP. The iSpace Environments CLIMB & SLIDE will take place on March 11 and you guessed it – a bunch of salespeople – of course it is going to be a competition! Teams will relay race up a hill and then slide down on saucers, tubes and sleds. They will score points based on speed, sportsmanship & style. The prize? The gift of helping FOCP provide food to kids in need.

And here is where YOU come in!

Though we wanted to invite you to join us on the day, we are being covid-cautious and asking that you show your support through your donations. Though our fundraising goal is only $1000, we hope to support FOCP with much much more! And, our gift back to you will be photographs and video of our event (sure to entertain) and our most sincere gratitude.

Please join us in helping Minnesota’s children in need: donate to feeding-our-communities-partners @ ispace-environments

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